Just dropped by to check it out. Am I seeing som van Gogh influence?
Love your work!!
Kathy Thompson(non-registered)
Great works
Kevin White(non-registered)
Magnificent art!
Barbara Psimas(non-registered)
Love this portrait!
Love seeing all your new work too!
Kayla King(non-registered)
I want to see MORE!
Sherri Weekly Storm(non-registered)
Very impressive David.
Cpl William H. Woodland III(non-registered)
Very nice work Dave! Keep up the passion and keep creating. I especially love some of your watercolors!
Semper Fi!
DJ Wilde(non-registered)
I came and saw. Very nice work and very nice style.
Jordan Lamb(non-registered)
Your art in the hallway of Journeys In Yoga is amazing! I am very poor right now but when I get back on my feet financially I'd love to purchase one of those pieces! Thanks for your work it's lovely to admire :)
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